Rolanfer Railway Equipment

Rolanfer Railway Equipment

The Rolanfer Railway Equipment company is a family-run business on a human scale, specialising in the survey, design, construction and maintenance of wagons, motorised wagons and railway vehicles. Our railway business is devoted to the Railway Construction, large-scale Industrial (industrial sites and factories) and Freight markets.

Rolanfer  primarily constitutes an important legacy consisting of the values acquired by steelworkers from the Lorraine Region.

We benefit from a strategic geographic location, through our presence and our capacity to move through the European rail freight network corridors. Rolanfer is situated in the very heart of Europe, which gives us both national and international dimensions.

Rolanfer in figures

A turnover of €11,500,000


Beyond the figures, Rolanfer first of all consists of committed and involved men and women who will provide you with day-to-day support in your railway projects: in the development of your ideas, and in the modification, transformation and optimisation of your railway vehicles, machinery and applications.

The human assets who constitute the company’s staff:


Thanks to our sharing of ideas and dialogue, innovations are developed in our design departments by our engineers who then implement the methods for the creation and assembly of the various components required for new systems and new applications.

The manufacture of our vehicles, machinery and wagons involves human intervention at each stage of production; it is not automated. We ensure that tests and trials are continuously being carried out, so that each intermediate phase is validated.

Rolanfer also represents the traditional craftsmanship associated with boilermaking, the assembly of components, mechanical engineering, hydraulics and electricity.


The values we share with our customers

  • Easy availability and flexibility,
  • Committed, attentive and responsive staff,
  • The monitoring of products and maintenance,
  • Continuity in the services, assistance and products we supply.


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