Our Background & History

Since 1952, Rolanfer has been providing high quality services which combine tradition with modernity. Constantly monitoring its environment and very attentive to its customers’ needs, this Lorraine company is continually updating itself through new innovations.

From 1952

  • The Rolanfer company was established in the Lorraine Region by Serge Roland following the dismantling of the steel industry; its main activity was the recovery and recycling of scrap iron and metals. Rolanfer quickly joined the ranks of the largest recyclers in Europe in terms of its recycling capacity.

  • During this period, the railways played an important part in major industrial scrapping activities. Consequently, the company naturally began its entry into the railway industry by developing the material being processed. This activity was swiftly supplemented with the provision of technical maintenance, repairs, conversion and manufacturing services.

  • On the eve of his well-earned retirement, Serge Roland entrusted the management of the company to Yves Henry who, thanks to his vision concerning the value of iron, acquired through his experiences in the steel industry, introduced innovations and provided Rolanfer Railway Equipment with a whole new dynamic.

  • Rolanfer is moving towards an expansion of its services with innovative solutions, whilst at the same time consolidating its expertise and its assets. The company remains committed to being driven by values that date back to 1952.