Partnership with rail construction companies

Rolanfer’s partnership with rail construction companies

Rolanfer assists rail construction companies in their task of maintaining, replacing and laying railway lines throughout France.

In the early years, these companies mainly approached Rolanfer with proposals to convert and construct custom-made vehicles for the on-site transportation of new sleepers, rails and ballast.

Vehicles for transporting sleepers

A circuit is established for picking up the new sleepers and exchanging them for those being replaced.

Vehicles for transporting ballast

Rolanfer is also able to convert and construct vehicles and equip them with the machinery for replacing ballast.

Ballast clearers collect the existing ballast, riddle it by means of a filtration system, and the unused cells are recycled and reused. The used cells are eliminated from the circuit and disposed of via earth removal. This mixture is then transported away from the construction site by other wagons which arrive empty and leave fully laden.

Recently, a revolutionary and more economical new method of replacing ballast was invented; this consists of introducing two-way ballast clearers. The front of the convoy brings the new ballast to be deposited and several empty wagons are hitched to the end of the convoy for the recovery of the unusable ballast and soil.

Vehicles for transporting track

Rolanfer also converts and constructs vehicles for transporting track.

Track is transported using a long train of flat wagons which carries the new track; during the course of a circuit, it is exchanged for worn track.

With a view to meeting the needs of the Rail Construction industry, Rolanfer has been able to develop its skills and expertise through its consultancy and railway engineering departments; it can offer new hydraulic and electrical technology thanks to an innovative approach, automation systems and complex infrastructures.