The Freight Sector

Maintenance – Repairs – Freight Recovery

Rolanfer targets both stakeholders in Freight: SNCF – the incumbent market leader, and the operators responsible for providing rail transport on behalf of SNCF; and also organisations which own freight wagons and transport goods for the automotive and industrial sector.


We are able to meet their needs in terms of railway maintenance, servicing, repair, recovery, and the renovation and conversion of minor vehicles without altering the gauge of these wagons.

Rolanfer therefore specialises in maintenance and recovery for the owners of wagons in the freight sector.

We work with the major groups and operate on RIV wagons throughout Europe, in accordance with the operating procedures set out in the VPI and TRW maintenance diagrams supplied by manufacturers.

Our internal structure enables us to deploy our mobile teams directly at sites throughout the whole of Europe, including Italy, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, the Czech Republic, etc.

Spare parts and construction documents that meet the standards

Rolanfer has access to a spare and replacement parts distribution network; parts are always specific, approved and meet SNCF’s RIV standards and all other required standards.

We rigorously update our wagon construction documents in accordance with the standard nomenclatures.