Modernisation & Conversion

Rolanfer can advise you and guide you in your renovation and conversion projects for all types of wagons in the Freight, Railway Construction and industrial infrastructure sectors.

Renovation – Modernisation

Aware of the impact of our activities on the environment, we attach great importance to the upgrading of wagons deemed to be obsolete.

Renovation breathes new life into your machinery and wagons and allows you to recover financial assets.

The human element and the physical demands of the work are taken into consideration and are becoming key challenges for every business.

Therefore the modernisation of wagons contributes to the optimisation of human activity and of the tasks performed by machines. Working conditions are improved thanks to the automation of commands, and to the assistance available to operators when loading and unloading, etc.


Our objective is to adapt each wagon to a specific context and purpose, so as to enable our customers to respond to the ever-changing needs and demands of their respective markets.

Conversion makes your wagons versatile and suitable for new purposes thanks to the addition of new features.

Contact our experienced sales teams , and benefit from the best advice regarding your wagon conversion and modernisation project.