Advice and Support for Rail Projects

Tailor-made advice and support

Our main aim is to provide a genuine human interface between our services and your requirements, through using experienced managers who share the expertise and the values that constitute the true wealth of the Rolanfer company.


We wish to bring you reliability and continuity in our relations, in order to provide you with a high-quality service, appropriate advice and the regular monitoring of your project.

Our projects are customised and conducted using a genuinely client-based approach.

You will be accompanied by our managers throughout all the important stages, starting with your idea and ending with the completion of your rail project; they will also provide monitoring after your project’s implementation.

From surveys to manufacture, Rolanfer can provide you with the necessary human resources: multilingual staff, technical resources and all the expertise you require to ensure the success of your rail project.

If you have a well-defined technical project and are looking for a company that can help you assess which type of wagon you require, please contact our advisers who will be happy to answer all your questions.