Rolanfer targets all transport and rail logistics stakeholders, thus we are in a position to cover all railway sector activities :

  • Railway construction contractors,
  • Clients in the rail logistics sector,
  • Lessors and holders of wagons, and manufacturers.


UA great diversity of professional skills and knowledge

Rolanfer can assist you with every aspect of your rail project :


These may relate to the transportation of goods and commodities, or to railway-related operations within a factory, across a national network, or on a construction site. Our services and our wagons are tailored to suit the central markets and railway application requirements.

Rolanfer has many assets: a particularly favourable geographic situation, multilingual commercial services and great flexibility.


& Support

Advice and Support for Rail Projects

We wish to bring you reliability and continuity in our relations, in order to provide you appropriate advice and the regular monitoring of your project.

& Engineering

Consultancy and Railway Engineering

Rolanfer can offer you various consultancy services, providing a greater complementarity between services.


NewRail Constructions

Rolanfer offers you expertise acquired since 1952 in the domain of complete and tailor-made wagon, motorised wagon and railway vehicle construction.

& Conversion

Modernisation & Conversion

Rolanfer can advise you and guide you in your renovation and conversion projects for all types of wagons .

& Monitoring

Maintenance & Monitoring

Rolanfer offers wagon and railway vehicle maintenance and monitoring services for the Freight, Industrial and Railway Construction sectors.

Mobile Operations

Mobile Operations

Our mobile operations are on standby throughout Europe 7 days a week, 24 hours a day so as to give you full control over your maintenance costs.

Spare Parts

Supplying Spare Parts

Our mobile teams cover the whole of France, and provide a rapid on-site response when carrying out troubleshooting and railway maintenance.